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Brushed Amber Openable Shutter Wardrobe
Size 7x9ft
Glazed Ebony Openable Shutter Wardrobe
Size 6x7ft
Toulon Openable Shutter Wardrobe
Size 8x8ft
Nut Brown Openable Shutter Wardrobe
Size 9x9ft
Roseate Slider Wardrobe
Size 10x8ft
Salmon Grey Slider Wardrobe
Size 8x7ft
Wooden Typhoon Slider Wardrobe
Size 9x10ft
Pansy Black Openable Shutter Wardrobe
Size 9x7ft
Pearl White Openable Shutter Wardrobe
Size 12x8ft
Webster grey Slider Wardrobe
Size 6x7ft
Caucasian Shutter Wardrobe
Size 12x8ft
Cocoa Slider Wardrobe
Size 10x8ft
Slider Wardrobe
Size 6x7ft
Openable Shutter Wardrobe
Size 12x8ft
Slider Wardrobe
Size 10x8ft

Wardrobe Designs for Indian Bedroom ! :

Imagine living in a home with world class interiors, with all the modern amenities, but having a sully and hum-drum looking wardrobe in your bedroom . Well! That sully looking wardrobe is enough to spoil the look of your bedroom! Hence, it becomes very important that you choose a wardrobe that complements your interiors well. A nice wardrobe will change the whole look of the room and will ace up your sleeve.  A wisely chosen wardrobe that blends with other interiors brightens up your home. It should definitely match other interiors. They are made of high-quality metal, glass and wood and are available in several different rich and durable finishes. Selecting a good wardrobe is as essential as selecting the other furniture for your home. Renovation not includes painting or adding a false ceiling. It is a much wider concept. It also includes changing the look of your furniture. Finding a good wardrobe is one such example. A wardrobe is not just a closet to keep your clothes and essentials, but it can change the very look of your bedroom. Wardrobes are considered as functional units in Indian homes. But now wardrobe designs have evolved to make a style statement in your bedroom. You can also add LED lights to your wardrobe. With translucent doors and LED lights, a wardrobe looks very stylish and classy, and is moreover in trend these days. There are many other experiments like these, which you can try to get the best out of a wardrobe. Wardrobes can be customized according to your room like wardrobe design with dressing table, whether it’s spacious or small. Myriad of options are available in the market related to colour, designs, shape, size etc.

Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom with Dressing Table – Be minimalistic!:

Wardrobes, customized for small Indian homes are the ones which occupy minimal space , but provide adequate and sufficient space to keep your things . A small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice with your essential items. You can organize all your things in a well-designed small wardrobe. Small Indian homes basically need wardrobes that are compact but are side by side sufficient to fulfill their storage needs.

You can use certain tips to make your small room appear spacious -

You can use these tips to judiciously use your room space by redesigning your wardrobe.

SLIDE RIDE –Sliding door wardrobe designs!

The storage requirement of an average home has been spiraling up, but the floor space of new homes has reduced significantly. Wardrobes with sliding doors are one such invention that has revolutionized the way we store items. There are small sliding wardrobes which can be customized to suit tiny spaces and large ones too, for rooms with big storage requirements. A conventional wardrobe takes up space  when its doors open in the front.  A sliding wardrobe comes to the rescue here ,by taking up only the space of a wardrobe , whereas you don’t need to leave much space for the radius of the door panel .Sliding wardrobe doors can be made from a wide variety of materials like frosted glass, mirrors, wood, metal and veneer .

Here are certain tips that you can use to make your sliding wardrobe last longer.

WONDER WOMAN WARDROBE –Wardrobe designs for women!

A woman’s wardrobe should be designed in a little different way. It should be designed in a way to suit a woman’s needs. There should be long hanging, ideal for formal dresses and short hanging for short party dresses, blouses, cardigans and shirts .There should be drawers for underwear, nightwear and hosiery. There should be wire baskets and shelves for jumpers, tops, jeans and trousers. Racks which are an ideal way of storing belts, jewellery and scarves. No women’s wardrobe is complete without an area for handbag and shoe storage. Drawers should be made for different accessories and make up. There is much more that can be incorporated in a woman’s wardrobe according to each woman’s needs.

TRI DOOR – 3 door wardrobe design !

A three door spacious piece offers plenty of style with a lot of storage space to store all your essentials. These are the most common ones, being used these days, as these offer good space for storage . Considering its usage, one should always ensure that they are easy to operate, have enough storage space and go well with the decor of the house. These types are more recommended for a spacious big bedroom.


Corner wardrobes are specially designed to save space. Corner wardrobes are perfect to get extra space without taking too much room. So even if you have limited space it’s possible to make the most of it. It fits in the corner, providing enough room and looks classy. These type of wardrobes are great space savers and moreover, your corners get well utilized .


A walk in wardrobe is a dream for many. All those celebrities out there have these kind of cabinets, with a separate drawer for their clothes, footwear, accessories, make up etc. Now you can also feel like a celebrity, with these types of wardrobes. You can display everything at one place in an organized manner. Walk-in wardrobes add a touch of luxury. Any unused room can easily be converted in a walk-in wardrobe by adding shelves. Walk-in wardrobes are more expensive than the other ones. Their main benefit is easy access and easy-to-organize storage. But accommodating a walk-in wardrobe in small and medium sized homes is next to impossible. There’s a misconception that you need lots of room for a walk-in wardrobe. The type of storage you need simply comes down to what you own. These type of closets or wall wardrobes are an epitome of luxury. A dedicated place for your clothes and shoes is really all you need to make the walk-in closet a dream come true.


You can set the TV either in between the open shelving or build a door to conceal the TV when it’s not in use. It's the best way to incorporate your TV in a closet. The advantage is that you don’t need a separate wall for a TV and a closet. You can have all of it at one place. Moreover, it looks more organized as the wires are not visible, when its inside a closet.


Abuilt-in wardrobe is the perfect way to de-clutter your room, and with a wide range of beautiful designs available, you can get the perfect fitted wardrobe for your space, budget and personality.


Master bedroom is a bedroom where the master/owner of the house lives. Master bedroom is generally the most spacious room in the house. Hence, options for a wardrobe are many. If there is enough space in the master bedroom, then you can get a bigger wardrobe for your room. You can even utilize the corners or if the room is too big, you can definitely dedicate a space in your room to your walk in wardrobe . There are a myriad of options available. Here are a few designs:

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