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  1. Why is renovation important ?
  2. Renovation ideas for old homes –Give a new fresh look to your old home !
  3. Renovation ideas for small homes –Make it look more spacious !
  4. Renovation ideas for kitchen.
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Why is Renovation Important?

Definitely renovation is important! Home renovation is not just about upgrading your home with new colors or fresh furniture or repairs but it is also about upgrading your lifestyle. Most people want their homes to be beautiful and reflective of who they are, so you can make your home the best place to live in with the help of interior designs .

Every worldly thing tends to depreciate in value, be it a vehicle, a utility item or home. A home is built to last for a lifetime, provided that it is being properly taken care of and renovated on a timely basis. The wrath of environmental factors, such as rain, snow, storms, earthquakes, floods, etc spares none. If your house has been a victim to any of the natural calamities, it is soon going to fall weak at some point in time. Therefore, renovation is mandatory in that case.

Renovation gives some good appeal to your home . Its literally the best thing to invest in. The idea of renovating your home from time to time is the best thing since sliced bread . They offer a family a new way to experience their home and make changes to it that suit their needs without having to spend the money moving into building a new home. Home renovation is not only important for the look of your home but it is also important because it keeps the family safe. Any part of your home may get worn out from too much use. This can pose danger especially the electrical aspect of the house because it may cause fire or any unwanted accident.

There is a dire need of renovation if

  1. The house has got quite older than normal age.
  2. Leaky roof and rifted walls.
  3. No storage space .
  4. The kitchen seems no more attractive. The design has got older and its walls nowadays get moist quite often.
  5. You can also consider removing some walls during your renovation to be able to have a much fresher and bigger space inside your house.

Home renovation is important, not only because it can add to the aesthetic value of your home but it is also a way that can keep your homes in good condition, which in return can benefit you in such a way that it will provide more comfort in your homes.

Renovation ideas for old homes – Give a new fresh look to your old home !

Renovation ideas for small homes – Make it look more spacious ! Here are some tips

Renovation ideas for kitchen

The kitchen is undeniably the heart and soul of our home. It is where we prepare our favorite meal to energize our day. So, it is understandable why we want to make our kitchen look great.

Material choices - House Renovation Ideas Interiors

There are many material options for modular kitchens. People make choices depending upon their preferences and budget. Some common materials include natural wood (of various types like teak, deciduous, maple, and pine), ply, laminates, fiber boards (of which medium-density fiberboard or MDF is widely used), stainless steel, and aluminum. Often, a combination of these can also be used depending upon the design preferences.

List of best renovation firms in Delhi

Delhites , who are quite boastful about anything and everything are definitely hiring interior designers at a spiraling rate , so that they get one more reason to show off ! Here is a list of best interior designers in Delhi !

List of Renovation firms in Gurgaon

Here is a list of interior designers in Gurgaon

Home renovation on budget – cost estimates

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