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  1. Kitchen accessories – All you need , to enliven your hum drum looking kitchen
  2. A list of accessories!
  3. Cost estimates –no need to spend a fortune for it !
  4. Brands –Hafele ,Ebco ,Hettich (About them )
  5. Ergonomics in kitchen and the kitchen triangle !
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Kitchen accessories – All you need, to enliven your hum drum looking kitchen

Even if you don't have the luxury of remodeling your kitchen, you can still up its efficiency and accessibility quotient by installing kitchen accessories . There are a lot of style decisions for Modular kitchen accessories nowadays. These styles comprise of a scope of modules like cupboards, divider and floor tiles, worktop, kitchen apparatuses, kitchen frill, fittings, and different gears. Any little change in a module can have an enormous effect in the presence of the kitchen. There is a great deal of kitchen accessories and items accessible in the business sector. Gone are the days when cooking felt like a chore. Equipped with latest technologies and modern kitchen accessories, today’s Indian kitchens facilitate easy meal preparation, organization and storage. Here are some of the sleek kitchen accessories -

  1. Roll-Out Trays Storage : With the installation of roll out trays , you don’t have to hunt for your spoons stuck at the end of the drawer or kneel down to look for plates that are positioned at the end of the cabinet . Shelving does not have to be much deeper than 12 or 13 inches to accommodate everyday items. You Rollout shelves are a great option for base cabinets. They come in a multifarious sizes, styles and materials. If you have larger items to be stored, you can usually fit only two rollouts. Roll out trays makes the usage of drawers and cabinets much more easy . Moreover , these trays can be used to utilize the generally unutilized spaces like under the sink . You can utilize that space for keeping the washing powder ,floor cleaning liquids or may be the dusting cloth.
  2. Maxi Waste Bin  : A simple door garbage bin that swings out toward you when you open the door helps contain messes. A dustbin kept in the kitchen anywhere looks dingy. It's much better to install it within the cabinets . A maxi waste bin solves the problem .
  3. Swiveling Basket  : This swiveling system works well in upper cabinets. It offers accessibility, flexibility and organization by bringing items closer.
  4. Pull outs  : Pull outs make the best use of narrow spaces in the kitchen. Usually installed near the dishwasher or towards either end of the kitchen, these modular kitchen accessories are designed with narrow shelves, making items easy to spot and access.They are available in various widths and ranges and can be used to keep diverse items like canned foods, bottles, jars, cleaning agents and more.
  5. Cutlery trays  : With compartments to hold everything from spoons, forks, knives, rolling pins and more in an organized manner, cutlery trays are versatile, must-have modular kitchen accessories for every home. Modular kitchen accessory.
  6. Corner magic  : Most of the time, corner spaces in kitchens typically go unused. However, you can access the most unused corners of your kitchen with LeMans corner which features kidney-shaped pull out shelves that rotate beyond the standard 90 degrees so that they fully retract into the back. Other solutions include Dee tray, Magic corner and more. They are suitable for both upper and lower cabinets. There are alot of other accessories that comprises of the whole section of Indian modular kitchen accessories, for that contact us through our consultation page.
  7. Cost estimates  : You don’t need to spend a fortune to install kitchen accessories ! The price of a accessories will depend upon factors like materials , quality ,brand .Consult an interior designer and let them know what you want and what you do not want in your kitchen. Just make sure that whatever accessory you buy is of good and reasonable quality . Obviously , if you spend on a good quality accessory , it will be worth it and will last long . Cheap quality accessories go out of order quickly . Kitchen accessory is not a thing that you can tinker with on a daily basis . Hence make sure , that whichever accessory you install is of good quality .Here are some cost estimates of each accessory mentioned above - (Provide the cost estimate)

Kitchen accessory brands – Modern Kitchen Accessories

Here are certain kitchen accessory brands that you can look upto

Hafele kitchen accessories

Hafele brings to you an exciting range of kitchen accessories that offers effective utilization of space and is accompanied with world-class functionality. Quality and environmental management at Häfele is an important and integral component of their company philosophy. Quality standards are always being improved by means of continuous further development in their kitchen cabinet accessories section.

Hettich kitchen accessories

The Hettich brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, reliability and closeness to customers the world over. Technology for furniture – that's their passion. Their furniture hardware solutions excite people across the globe. The secret: awareness of quality, joy of innovating, constant dialogue with customers and reliability. Their staff act in line with these values, something that doesn't go unnoticed. The result: thrilled furniture owners with best modular kitchen accessories installed

Ebco kitchen accessories

Ebco believes that its customers must never have to choose between quality and affordability; and that geographical boundaries must never hinder the availability of world class products. They have a full range of office furniture hardware solutions including a variety of computer keyboard trays, CPU stations, flat screen monitor holders, cable organizers, tablet holders and other accessories. Our office furniture hardware solutions are designed to make office spaces comfortable, elegant and productive. In our quest to become India's one stop source of furniture hardware solutions,they also partner with world renowned market leading brands. Over the past two years, we have significantly widened their range of products with a special focus on the kitchen and accessories  segment. Their strengths in this segment include broad product range from world-class European specialist brands, best-in-segment quality standards, cutting edge features and fair pricing.

Kitchen ergonomics and kitchen triangle

An ergonomically designed kitchen should be well organized in a way to increase the efficiency and reduce the time required. The “kitchen work triangle” should be considered while designing the layout for a kitchen (Refer the article on the kitchen work triangle). It aims at making the three working areas of the kitchen easily accessible by keeping them at most efficient distance apart. Lighting too plays an important part in the kitchen and adequate lighting becomes a requirement while working in the kitchen. Important areas of lighting are ones under the kitchen cabinets where you prepare your food and when you are cooking. While using a knife, you’ll need sufficient light all around, because in lack of adequate lighting you might end up in a hazardous situation. When you are cooking you need light above the stove. Adequate lighting reduces the risk of accidents that might happen while working in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Triangle is not an idea one might be familiar with. While undertaking the construction or renovation of a kitchen, a kitchen triangle is the best way to go. The concept of the kitchen triangle is not as complex as it seems. The kitchen triangle is a simple concept that aims at saving time and energy by efficiently designing the path between the three units of storage, cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. It connects the three main work areas of the kitchen – The refrigerator, cooking range/stove and the sink. The idea is to keep the main cooking areas confined to one part of the kitchen so that the other spaces can be utilized optimally. When these three elements are in proper proximity to one other, the kitchen will be easier and more efficient to use, cutting down on wasted steps, time and energy. A kitchen triangle can be set up in a limited budget to make the kitchen efficient in a minimal cost.

Concept of Kitchen Work Triangle

The concept for the kitchen work triangle was developed in the 1940s when kitchens were very small with large and heavy appliances. Even though the rule is quite old now the kitchen work triangle still is a simple and cost efficient way to make optimal use of the limited kitchen space.As a general guideline of the kitchen triangle, the distance between these areas should be no less than 4 feet and no larger than 9 feet. The sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 13 feet and 26 feet. The concept of the kitchen triangle is dynamic and can be designed to suit one’s needs and purpose. The lengths of the triangle don’t have to be completely even. The shape of the triangle depends on what kind of kitchen shape one has. It needs to be taken care that the lines of the triangle aren’t blocked by trash cans, cabinets and other kitchen necessities in the wrong place which will make the cooking process a hassle.

What needs to be taken care above all is that the kitchen should be suitable for one’s use and the concept of the kitchen triangle not being a concrete rule leaves scope for deviations in order to set the kitchen up according to one’s preferences and requirements depending upon the kitchen area, shape of the kitchen and the theme and style. The triangle formed in a U-shaped kitchen will be significantly different than the one formed in an L-shaped kitchen.

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