Latest furniture Trends for your special home

There is no doubt over the fact that 2016 was a little predictable but 2017 on the other hand looks to be the year of funky and vibrant interiors. From unusual textures to jaw-dropping colors, top designers say that some unusual designs and looks would define 2017. So here are some latest furniture trends that we can see in 2017:

Nailhead Details

Nailhead designs were originally used for upholstered pieces but nowadays they are being used in whole new ways also. This trend is now being used in storage chests, credenzas etc. This trend is also used to create a pattern on a piece of furniture which gives it a modern and contemporary look.

Smart Home Features

There is no doubt over the fact that our life revolves around various kinds of devices. The same is being used for homes nowadays. Furniture designs with charging docks and other areas specifically designed for such devices can be the next big trend in Home Décor. For example- IKEA’S Selje Nightstand belongs to the category of smart furniture.

Artisan- Crafted Furniture

Some interior designers even believe that the year would include an emphasis on uniquely crafted furniture. People might go back to the furniture which is more of an investment, i.e., furniture that is very well made. Shopping for antique pieces will add character to homes.

Latest furniture trends

Upholstered Bedheads

The timber bedframes have dominated the market for quite some time now and this can change dramatically in 2017, with upholstered bedheads replacing them. These have been a staple in luxury hotel bedrooms and celebrity bedrooms but now they can be seen in other places also. The bedhead is also easy to update and can really add glamour to your bedroom.


Texture furnishings can be the next big thing because firstly we human beings are bored at looking at flat screens and secondly it causes engagement and connection because of the touch and feel of the fabric. A lot of material manipulation is seen these days such as pleating and folding in velvets and cottons, plus huge stitches made of beautiful luxe yarns. The Velvet Pleat Sofa is one such example of the latest furniture trend.

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