Wardrobe designs: Classy and stylish

Wardrobes ! A part and parcel of any bedroom ! A wardrobe is not just a closet to keep your clothes and essentials , but it can change the very look of your bedroom . It should definitely match your other  interiors . Wardrobe designs should be classy and stylish which will compliment your modern bedroom furniture

They  are made of high-quality metal, glass and wood and are available in several different rich and durable finishes.


Hinged wardrobe-

Hinged wardrobe is recommended for spacious rooms ,  so that the shutters can open fully without obstructing traffic.

 Sliding Wardrobes

They are tailor-made for small homes and you do not need any extra space near the wardrobe to accommodate open doors either.

Membrane Finish Shutter-

Membrane finish shutters can be flat, or with routed or grooved designs. There is no need for edge banding on these shutters as the membrane material is itself pulled over the edge of the boards for sealing the raw wood edge.

Side Edge Band Shutter

The 4 Side Edge Band  is made of a MDF or Ply board, and comes in acrylic, laminate, and UV finish. The edges are banded to make the board waterproof, and the shutter panels are flat i.e. they have no design.

Glass Shutters

You can choose between frosted or lacquered glass options for this.



High pressure laminates have been used for the cabinet doors . The open shelves gives it a  stylish look . The brown colour goes well with the white walls .

trendy wardrobe

Trendy wardrobe .


This compact wardrobe with lacquered glass coating is ideal for small homes . The transparent glass panels will allow light to pass through wadrobes and has a good impact on interior designs .Lacquered glass


This wardrobe comes with a membrane finish . The bright cherry colour stands out with the gray walls . This four door cabinet is ideal for spacious rooms .

Cherry red colour wardrobe

Cherry red colour wardrobe


The wardrobe doors are quite simple and done in polymer . The shelves have been very wisely designed and helps to judiciously use the space.

Wardrobe done in polymer

Wardrobe done in polymer


This white acrylic wardrobe looks cool and these long handles are like the icing on the cake and gives the wardrobe a chic look . The number of cabinets can be increased or decreased and can be customised according to the room space .

White wardrobe

White wardrobe

Hope these designs helped you ! Good luck .

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