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it's time to sort the disarranged book shelves that you had not bothered to keep properly during those exam days or to rearrange your cupboard where your clothes are descending from your shelves.

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"Eco-friendly ways for a greener kitchen where you can read your books in peace so here web go with the most amazing home library idea!"

Upholstery in interior designing for best home decor - iRenovate

"Upholstery is very much in trend these days . It is a very good option for your sofas chairs beds and wall designs. Interior designers use upholstered shutters for modular kitchens and wall designs. Interior designers use upholstered shutters for modular kitchens

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Right selection of draperies can change the ambience of your room . Drapery treatments are multi-functional and can significantly and dramatically change

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"Use of lovely lilac as the contemporary interior design idea. Lilac like any shade of purple is often underrated when it comes to interior decoration."

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Interior Design is the hottest and trending stuff that will definitely make you go crazy and spend a huge amount on here are few interior design ideas

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"Moroccan interior designs express the country's diverse history through detail texture and geometry.Rich luxurious and exotic the style has bold colours and shapes that make it a favorite of many interior designers."

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A large bedroom can also be a bane sometimes. It creates confusion regarding how to fill up the extra space and how to design the bedroom here are few tips for perfect bedroom decor

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"A living room that's the most important corner in your home a place where your guests are welcomed.Get the perfect living room design using these tips"

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"Summer is finally here and at its peak too. In this hot summer it is really irksome to work in a kitchen near the stove ! Here are some smart kitchen tips"

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"Add show pieces and frames to your walls replace old bedding Rugs can do wonders and many more ways for bedroom renovation of yours this weekend."

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An entire room dedicated to personal attire seems like the height of sophistication. Your dressing room is meant to do just that.

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Having a home office gives an individual the freedom to operate a business within their own home. The office should always reflect the character and style of a person.

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Reasons why you should date an interior designer

"Interior Designers are awesome because they can help you match those pants with that shirt that dress with those earrings or that skirt with that blouse"

Wardrobe designs: Classy and stylish

"A wardrobe is not just a closet to keep your clothes and essentials but it can change the very look of your bedroom. Wardrobe designs should be classy and stylish which will compliment your modern bedroom furniture"

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Latest furniture Trends for your special home

"2016 was a little predictable but 2017 on the other hand appears to be the year of funky and vibrant interiors. This is your guide to the latest furniture"


"MASABAA - THE TREASURY the lounge and bar located in one of the poshest localities of Delhi – Punjabi Bagh will enthrall you with its sumptuous..."

Bedroom designs: Customize them with iRenovate

Bedroom designs should consider that it is a place privately designed for the purpose of relaxing and sleeping and doing all the private chores

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Hostel room decor: The home away from home

We have very own DIY(do it yourself) way of hostel room decor which will really grab attention of people visiting your room.

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"Here are the few great TV wall ideas for your home decor Interior designers try to make the TV wall a focal point hence many remarkable things can be done."

Best Collection of Terrace garden ideas for your home -Tantalizing Terrace

"In case you are covering the surface of the terrace with soil make sure you waterproof the surface to avoid any leakage into the home. If you are going"

Irrfan Khan’s house is a sight to behold

"Khan was born in Jaipur Rajasthan and that is the reason his home interiors are somewhere a reflection of the Rajasthani culture."

Big Yellow Door interiors

Big Yellow Door or BYD as it is popularly known is literally a quirky crooked yellow door that leads you into this cafe that smells deliciously of herbs

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Learn all about alluring bar unit designs to plan your inhouse bar in our complete expert tips from - Irenovate

False Ceiling Designs for your home decor

A false ceiling is a ceiling made beneath the main ceiling of the room or building.The basic false ceiling designs for your home decor is listed below

Modern pooja room designs to fill your home with divinity

"Learn all basiscs you need to look before planning for modern pooja room that fills your space with divinity in our complete expert tips from - Irenovate"