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Share your dreams

Get Free Consultation
from our Design team.

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No Compromises!

Sign a Contract
& ensure perfection.

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3D Preview

Preview your dream
home In 3D

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Your Dream Home

You Relax
We Execute.

Say Hello To Your Design Team

  1. Meet our carefully selected expert
  2. Get free site inspection design concept
  3. Give a brief of your lifestyle & design needs to our team

Sign an Assurance Contract

  1. Protect your investment with clear contracts. No Late additions, unfair prices escalations.
  2. Contract mentions penalties on professionals in case of delays, execution faults.
  3. Genuine quality & no fake materials.
  4. Prompt dispute tracking & mediation facilities incase of any issues.
  5. Service Providers rectify work until acceptance by the clients.

Seeing Is Believing

  1. Insure your investment with a proper contract
  2. Get genuine & Promised materials
  3. Service provider work till your without Satisfaction
  4. Get written Warrenty Terms.

Your Dream Home                  

  1. Move into your home within 90 days
  2. hassle free deliverance promise
  3. Install by a team of experts
  4. Enjoy your iRenovate home

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